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Small moments of self care for

the healthiest, happiest you

Truly Julie membership is now closed for the month of June. Our theme for July will be:

Eating for a better you

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Truly Julie is a membership community where I share everything I’ve learned about fitting self care into a busy life. You can find yoga, meditation, lifestyle and nutrition inspiration at your fingertips and in your inbox, helping to keep your own health and happiness at the forefront of your mind and at the top of your to-do list.

Each month,

I share the best yoga videos, affirmations, recipes, and meditations to help you with your self-care journey.

Each week,

I remind you how to take a few minutes to prioritize you.

Each day,

you can join me in the Facebook community where we support and lift each other up.

As a Truly Julie member

each month

you’ll receive :


A monthly self-care theme so you can fully focus on one aspect of health


Short yoga videos that will encourage you to incorporate yoga into your daily routine


Short meditation and affirmation videos that guide you through two minutes of you time


Downloadable podcasts for motivation on the go


Plant-based recipes that are delicious, yet simple, for optimum nutrition


Weekly inspirational emails to keep you on track


Private Facebook group where we support each other and I give you behind the scenes glimpses of how I balance self-care with a busy life


“Ask Me Anything” chats where you can get the answers to any and all healthy living and fitness questions

When it comes to your health and fitness, knowledge really is power.

As a Truly Julie member, this knowledge is available to you in manageable doses whenever you have the time to consume it.

Aside from the great content, some of the benefits of being a Truly Julie member are:


It’s like having a personal coach.

Every month I’ll be serving up the best content to help you focus on progress, no matter where are. Each week I’ll be sending you reminders, support, and suggestions straight to your inbox. And each day you’ll have access to a private Facebook community for support, questions, and inspiration when you need it.


Access to a supportive community.

Sometimes you can’t do it all on your own, and you need a little feedback from people who know exactly what you’re going through. I’m creating this private Facebook group so we can all lift each other up and provide the support we all need. I not only share behind the scenes of my self care routine, but I encourage everyone to share their journey with the group.


Easy access to the right education.

There’s no need to scour the internet for the right answers. With a hectic life, I know you don’t have time to research and become an expert on everything. That’s why I
create the best content and give it to you in small chunks – perfect for when you just have a few minutes free.