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I think you’ll love being a part of the Truly Julie site and community, but don’t just take my word for it.

Read on for feedback from valued members.

Truly-Julie is a great site to give you the tools of overall wellness. It focuses on the body and the mind. I have struggled for years with weight following countless diets, but it wasn’t until I focused on yoga, affirmations, and healthy plant-based meals that it really clicked for me. The Facebook group gives such wonderful support on whatever your goals or journey you want to take. It is truly the best money I have ever spent and it is so affordable for the wealth of knowledge you get. Julie Montagu is very inspiring and I am excited to see the future monthly topics. – Carol

Julie Montagu offers such great advice on how to get the most out of your life through affirmations, yoga and healthy recipes on the Truly Julie site.  She is so inspirational because she is so down to earth.  She understands the busy life women lead today and the many roles we have to juggle because she is doing the same thing!  Thank you Julie! – Jody

The monthly themes with weekly yoga poses, recipes, and affirmations provide a framework to help me determine what is important to promote self-care.  Joining the Facebook group (and this was the only reason I joined Facebook), allows me to share successes, ideas, questions, and fears to a safe group of supportive individuals from around the world.  Having Julie respond to my questions, “like” my comments and provide live Facebook chats help all of us feel like we have a personal coach.  We feed off of Julie’s enthusiasm and excitement.  This total package makes me WANT to live a healthier, happier life, and I thank Julie for providing the tools to help me achieve that goal. – Cyndi

I would definitely recommend Truly Julie to all of my friends, I won’t shut up about it. It’s like having your very own life coach and motivator to help get you through the week with yoga, affirmations, recipes and a connected group of people who are friendly and helpful. – Serena

It’s a fun small group to be a part of where we all share some sort of struggle and are able to encourage each other. – Amy

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