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Welcome to the Choose YOU Challenge!

Welcome to the week where you’re going to adopt a life-changing habit: you’re going to learn to choose yourself!

Each day this week you’ll make time to do a self-care activity. On this page you’ll find a videos, podcasts, and handouts to keep you focused and motivated this week. Start this week off right by watching my ‚Äėintro Hello!‚Äô to the week ahead. Check it out! xx

Yoga Sequence

Find a time to add this yoga sequence into your daily routine!

Lifestyle Tips

Choose YOU Lifestyle Tips! Struggling to stick to your self-care habits? Watch the video below for some help and inspiration.

Homework & Handouts (They are fun!)

Here are some great downloads of some fabulous handouts to help you Choose YOU! xx


Download your handouts here…

Challenge Activity Tracker

Self-Reflection Questions

Webinar Booklet




‘Choose YOU’¬†Podcast

Choose YOU: My tips for your morning, afternoon and evening routine to make sure you are choosing you every single day.

To download the podcasts right click the links below and choose “save as”.



‘Choose YOU’ Webinar!

Don’t forget to sign up for the live Choose YOU webinar on Thursday! Not only will the webinar give us all a time to connect, I’ll give you 3 advanced strategies to help you manage your time. Because when you take control of your time, you take control of your life.

Click here to register for the Webinar!


‘Choose YOU’ Giveaway!

Don’t forget – by registering for the Choose YOU challenge you are entered to win two nutrition consultations, valued at $50. One consultation for you, and one for a friend. For more information on the nutrition consultation, you can view that here.

Increase your odds of winning the consultation! For each day that you log your activity with us, you’ll receive one additional entry into the giveaway. You can log each daily entry by clicking this link.